Little Racist Liar

You may have heard about this McCain campaign volunteer who claimed that she was robbed and beaten by a black man who then saw she had a McCain bumper sticker on her car, got extra angry, and carved the letter "B" on her face, presumably to signify his support for Barack Obama.

She made it up.

Her name is Ashley Todd.

She is fucking awful.

Why would someone do this? I suppose it's a combination of being a little crazy and having that little craziness ignited by the sanctioned craziness coming from the McCain-Palin campaign and the shitbags orbiting around their quickly sinking campaign.

Turns out the "B" carved on her face was backwards as though it had been carved on to her face using a mirror (by her). She's admittd she made the whole thing up. Oh, and McCain and Palin made personal phone calls to her and the campaign alerted the media to the story in the first place (before it was exposed as a lie).

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