McCain Campaign's Role In Race Baiting Hoax

According to Talkingpointsmemo.com the McCain campaign's communication director for the state of Pennsylvania told reporters that the "B" Ms. Todd said was carved into her face by a tall black man who had just robbed her, sexually assaulted her, and punched her in the face stood for Barack. Get that? The campaign spokesman said the "B" stood for Barack. This didn't come from the police. Now, maybe it came from the woman herself, but the point is the McCain campaign saw this story and immediately thought they could use it to their advantage.

This whole saga (there are probably more details to come) fits right into the classically disgusting meme that black men are a physical and sexual threat to white women. It has its roots in slavery when black men were often beaten (and worse) for even looking at white women. There are also a few relatively recent national news stories in which white women have made up similar tales blaming black men for violence in order to cover up their own actions. Susan Smith comes to mind. She let her car roll in to a lake resulting in the drowning of her children. She first claimed the car was stolen by a black male, with the kids inside.

So, the beat goes on.

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