Let's Get 'Em Dead

The Supreme Court ruled, 7 to 2 today, that the Kentucky standard of lethal injection does not violate the 8th Amendment ban on Cruel and Unusual punishment. Shortly thereafter, a number of states eager to free up some prime real estate no doubt, announced they would start executing inmates ASAP. It's sort of unfortunate that only the two most liberal justices dissented, but the decision itself was not surprising. Up next on the government sanctioned killing tip is a case that seeks to allow the death penalty for crimes less than murder, namely the rape of a minor. Admittedly, the rape of a child may be just as terrible as murder. However, expanding the crimes for which the death penalty can be administered just seems like a bad idea. Oral arguments took place on Wednesday, the decision is supposed to be announced sometime in June. Expect a similar decision, with a closer vote, let's call it 5-4.

By the way, electing a Republican President virtually guarantees that the death penalty will not be overturned by the Supreme Court for a long ass time (we're talking 20-30 years). So, just think on that. The United States, like a tiny handful of 3rd world nations, will continue to be a leader in sheer quantity of executions.


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