Attack the Emos?!?

There seems to be some sort of wave of anti-Emo violence in Mexico City. The story sounds made up but seems to actually be true. Apaprently, the attacks are being partially blamed on a local television personality named Kristoff (really) who had said some things about "emo kids" that were more or less homophobic. Kristoff has since denounced the violence. MTV (exists still apparently) sent some "journalists" to Mexico to speak with this Kristoff character. Here is a mind numbing criticism of the "emos",

"Emos can't define what it is to be emo music. To them, everything is emo — screamo, Joy Division, Bauhaus — so I said they confuse genres. And because most of the emos here are young girls, I said they like the group because of the lead singer. ... They said My Chemical Romance is emo, when Gerard Way said, 'I'm not emo.' Because he has black hair ... because they like him, he's emo. They classify whatever they like as emo. ... Everyone attacks me because of what I said, but nobody refutes my words."

Oh, by the way the attackers are described as metallers and punkeros.

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