Two Butts!

I saw two butts on Tuesday, in public, in the day light, in Park Slope. I went for a walk with my trusty dog Jack to Prospect Park on a fine Spring day and saw two separate asses. The first one occurred between Carrol St. and Garfield Pl. on Polhemus Place, a weird little block connecting Carrol and Garfield. A woman was finishing her business (peeing) on the side of the street behind a couple of garbage cans that hadn't been brought back from the street. Upon seeing her large ass she looked back at me, with no reaction and pulled up her underwear and pants. I kept walking out of fear of some sort of half naked interaction.

After a nice walk in Prospect Park we returned back home. About one block away from home, basically on the corner of 6th Ave and Berkley Place, another ass was up in my face. This time the ass was attached to a local mentally disabled man who I have seen on a few occasions. As I came around the corner I saw this man pull his pants down, make a fist, punch his butt, and announce, "Kiss my Ass!" to a young girl across the street. He then proceeded to throw a few bottles from a nearby trash can in her general direction.

So what does this all mean? I don't know. Two asses in one day a lot, no?

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