Soda + Chicken Nuggets = Awesome

Man. Now this is a match made in heaven. South Korean fast food chain BBQ Chicken has come up with a way for you to eat your nuggets and suck your soda in one clever container. The Col-Pop is a soda cup with an insert that sits your chicken nuggets just above the beverage of your choice. I know what you're going to ask. Yes, it is available in New York. Anybody in the Big Apple wanna grab one and share the experience with us?



I love that "nuggets" is a topic category. not "chicken nuggets", but "nuggets." as if to say, when we faithful readers of our beloved plastic blog are ever in need of referencing past articles about nuggets - be they gold, chicken, or early-psychadelian, "just click on nuggets, friend. i'm sure you can narrow-down your search in there." thank you, plasticblog.

dan said...

This seems like it would be unpleasant. I mean, think about it - your nuggets get cold from the icy beverage underneath, and your drink gets warm from the steamy nugget tray on top. Plus, you can't take a sip without smelling chicken.

Jessie Lucia said...

oh gross! Gross.