Jan 20, 2009 Cannot Come Soon Enough

President Bush today unveiled his proposal for the 2009 federal budget, which includes:

  • $35 billion increase for Pentagon spending (to $515 billion)
  • $21 billion to the Energy Department for nuclear weapons programs
  • $70 billion "bridge fund" for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan
  • 11% increase in Homeland Security funding
  • 19% increase in border security funding
  • No increases in funding for domestic appropriations to account for inflation or population growth
  • No increases in funding for most eduction programs ($60 billion)
  • $200 billion in cuts to Medicare and Medicaid over the next five years

Bush "also seeks to eliminate or sharply slash 151 programs he considers unnecessary.

This year, the largest number of program terminations - 47 - are in education including elimination of programs to encourage arts in schools, bring low-income students on trips to Washington and provide mental health services.

Bush's budget proposes eliminating the $283 million federal program to help people make their homes more energy efficient and would cut energy aid to poor households by $500 million, a 22 percent drop over this year's spending."

God bless America.