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Most of you have heard of St. Augustine, FL. In a simple word association exercise, I say "St. Augustine" and you might say "Ponce de Leon", "Fountain of Youth", "Spanish Quarter", "Castillo de San Marcos", etc. What most people don't associate with St. Augustine is the city's unbridled affection for beer. A perfect example of this is a news story from Superbowl Sunday where a woman was pulled over for running a red light and swerving and was found to be intoxicated. Upon closer inspection, the woman had a one year old girl in the back seat that was not wearing a seatbelt and a case of Busch beer in the front seat safely buckled up. Yes, this is true.

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unbridled, indeed. take the bridle, apply it to the citizens of st. augustine, then buckle them in for good measure. last, serve them beer. but in that order.