Recount in New Hampshire?

I didn't think there would be anymore to this story. I was wrong, I can admit it.

Democratic Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich has called for a recount of the vote in New Hampshire. Kucinich is not calling for the recount for his own benefit, he acknowledges it will not significantly change the number of votes cast for him. Instead, he calls for the recount because,

"Serious and credible reports, allegations, and rumors have surfaced in the past few days…It is imperative that these questions be addressed in the interest of public confidence in the integrity of the election process and the election machinery – not just in New Hampshire, but in every other state that conducts a primary election" -from the Kucinich campaign website.

What significance Kucinich's call for a recount will have isn't clear. He tends to be treated as a joke by many in the media so, we will see. According to New Hampshire law Kucinich would have to pay for the recount, so far he has given $2,000 to the Secretary of State. I am assuming $2,000 won't quite cut it. Maybe Kucinich can drum up some more money or maybe he will bite the bullet and pay for it out of whatever money his campaign has left.

UPDATE: Apparently $2,000 is the fee to order a manual recount, so, I guess there will be one now.

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