Strange Numbers From New Hampshire

This is interesting and odd. I saw a comment on the Huffingtonpost story about Kucinich requesting a recount in New Hampshire that described the difference in the percentage of votes cast for Obama and Clinton that were counted by hand and those counted by optical scanner.

If you take the total number of votes cast for Clinton and Obama only (not the total number of votes) and then take the percentages for each candidate you see an almost perfect reversal in the percentage of votes received for each candidate. Got that?


Clinton received 91,600 votes counted by machine to Obama's 81,633 for a total sum of 173,233. The percentage for each candidate is Clinton 52.8767% and Obama 47.1232%. If you take the hand counted votes Clinton received 20,529 votes to Obama's 22,944 for a total of 43,473. The percentages here are Clinton 47.2224% and Obama 52.7775%. That is less than one tenth of a percentage away from an exact reversal from machine counted to hand counted votes when looking at just Clinton and Obama's votes. (Numbers came from this site.)

I am no statistician but that is a weird coincidence. The odds of that happening seem pretty long.

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