Dose of Rage


Some little "Iranian" boats harassed some not little US Navy Ships in international waters this week prompting Bush and Co. to freak out and pout and spit. A video came out showing the little boats zipping around accompanied by a voice with some accent saying “I am coming to you,” and “You will explode after a few minutes". Then, Iran released a video that doesn't show the boats harassing or getting close to the ships and doesn't have the ominous threatening voice.

So, now!! The Pentagon has backed off of their claim about the threatening voice in the original video. They now say they can not confirm the voice came from the little boats!!!!

The problem is that the original news story claiming the harassment will be the story that most people will remember. The Pentagon's backtracking, can not really be explained in a 4 minute news story without explaining the whole scenario, the multiple stories, the two videos, etc., etc. So even thought the true story is coming out now the fake story, the one saying Iranians are crazy and aggressive, is the one that will generally linger. It is a perfect tactic to promote fear, immediately present the simple evil and danger and worry about the actual details later.

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