Guards in Georgia Accused of Torturing Prisoners

A group of inmate in Georgia have brought a suit against the state of Georgia for repeated and systematic physical abuse and torture that resulted in two deaths. The torture was used as a tool to cover up previous beatings. Prisoners who reported the abuse were then subject to more abuse as a way to shut them up. It is interesting that this has culminated (so far) with the bringing of a lawsuit. Usually, the system itself works to prevent these type of actions. Prisons can arbitrarily move prisoners from prison to prison and are usually very adept at hiding internal issues. Prisons also always have the "safety" trump card for most actions they take. If you think about it anything a prison could potentially do to a prisoner or prisoners can be chalked up to maintaining the safety and security of the prison itself. One exception should be systematic physical abuse and torture, we'll see if these prisoners get some relief.

Oh, and by relief, at most, they'll probably get some new guidelines in the prison system with the ostensible purpose of preventing mass beatings and torture in the future. But hey, they are criminals, they probably deserved it.

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