More Evidence that Tasers are Hot

The disturbing use and abuse of taser guns and their intended purpose by police has been a "hot" issue for plasticblog. Now taser guns being marketed to women are just plain hot.

How do we know? Because TASER(r) (the maker of taser guns) is releasing several new products, including leopard-print and hot pink tasers as fashionable self-defense options for women. Not to mention the taser with holster that serves as an MP3 player. Rockin' -- it's got 1GB of memory!

I approve Slate's "Human Nature" column take on it:

Company spins: 1) "Personal protection can be both fashionable and functionable" (sic). 2) Leopard print offers "a personal protection option for women who want fashion with a bite." 3) "The 1GB TASER MPH allows for both personal protection and personal music for people on the go." Cynical view: The leopard-print Taser—because when you're facing an assailant, there's nothing more important than feeling like a lady.

And we all thought tasers were so 2007. Kudos to the people at TASER(r) and police everywhere for making tasers hot again.

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