Tasers Are So Hot Right Now!

The unnecessary tasing continues.

This time a mentally handicapped woman, who's mental capacity is described as that of a twleve year old, was tased after flipping out on some cops who were arresting her mother at their home. Turns out the cop who tased the women, who was not taken into custody, lied about having used the taser. A computer printout from the taser, however, showed the officer actually had used it on the woman. According to a number of witnesses the woman did not attack the officers but was flailing her arms and yelling. She was also apparently tased three times and reportedly kicked. In other words she was not a danger and the officer overreacted and abused his authority.

So, what's new?

Thanks again to unofficial correspondent Jay.

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hopeful said...

wHAT the FUCK is going on?
someone should get in touch with the Taser Manufacturer and inform them that their product is being used by irresponsible storm troopers. I'm sure that upon hearing this, the Taser-makers will think 2wic3 about doing business a bunch of bullies!
oh, wait, i forgot that in this capitalist psycho-society nobody gives a shit about people, just making ta$ers.