It's Almost Geol!

Only 15 days left until Christmas aka Geol. Geol was the name of the winter festival onto which the Christian holiday celebrating the Spring-time birth of Jesus was stapled. It was a clearly brilliant move by the church to use pagan festivals and turn them into Christian holidays, even keeping some of their pagan symbols and rituals to make them more appealing to heathens. But it may be an even more brilliant move to now bitch and moan about how Christmas is being attacked and that Jesus has been removed from the holiday.

Many people don't like Christmas because of its religious connotation. But just remember, it's so easy to remove God from your Christmas Tree.

Wouldn't a palm tree be much more appropriate to celebrate the birth of Jesus anyway?


America said...

whatever--- you Godless heathen blog.

plastic said...

dear america,

this blog considers itself to be agnostic thank you very much.

this blog

jolly said...


is that a douglas fir standing erect in the background?
hang it up in the rearview, you can't get that cigarette smell to go away! that's a real x-mas, bitches.