Let's Get Religious

Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney is set to give a speech about his faith today. Romney is a Mormon and a lot of people think that's a little wacky. It is a little wacky. Here is a quick sampling of Mormon beliefs,

"What is now Jackson County, Missouri was the location of the Garden of Eden and will be the location of the future New Jerusalem, and God has led numerous groups to the western hemisphere in search of freedom, including several groups of ancestors to the Native Americans whose stories are told in the Book of Mormon."

"The plan of salvation, as taught by the church, describes humanity's place in the universe and the purpose of life. The church teaches that there was a pre-mortal existence, a place which existed prior to mortality in which all people and all life were created in spirit for. Central to this is the notion that humans existed as spirits before birth, were raised by Heavenly parents and had essential human characteristics such as gender."

"The earth, according to church teachings in the temples, was created by Jehovah which the church identifies as the pre-mortal Jesus, and Micahel the Archangel, who is identified as the pre-mortal Adam. The earth was "organized" from pre-existing matter, as were other planets with their inhabitants. Michael's spirit was implanted in a body created by God the Father and Jehovah, and became Adam." (all three quotes come from the Wikipedia entry for LDS but they are backed up by real sources in the Wikipedia entry, most sources are the Book of Mormon).

Mormonism isn't any more whacked out than any other religion. They are all ridiculous if you don't believe in them yourself, if you don't have faith. Religion is not for the rational mind and it shouldn't be discussed at all in politics. Romney, who would make a terrible President for a million reasons not related to his religion, shouldn't have to defend his faith. Yet, so many candidates for high office stumble all over themselves and others in attempt to be the 13th apostle.

I want my government officials to keep their mystical fantasies to themselves.


dan said...

There is no doubt in my mind that the Garden of Eden was in Missouri. This state is fucking fantastic.

plastic said...

True! Although I would have thought the Garden of Eden would have been in East St. Louis.

in heat said...

It is, brothers, it is.
juicy fruit hangs from East St. Louis-eden's branches, whilst slender twigs and elegant branches wave "come hither" in the wind.
It is a little confusing that you have to cross the river styx to get there, though.

plastic said...

i see you v. wang.

busted said...

damnit i had no idea you could read my server source