Rock n' Roll Video Games?

OK, sorry, this is two video game related posts in a row. Actually, I'm not sorry.

I was reading this article about a new stupid video game called Rock Band, essentially guitar hero for about four people with fake drums, a microphone, and guitar controllers, ugh. Anyway, a certain part of the article I was reading caught my attention, here it is,

The game is undeniably magnetic — addictive, even. Watching kids and adults banging around the interface's instrument-controllers only drives home the point that, as a music critic, I'll be hearing more and more in the years to come: "Well, we first started playing together as a video game band on 'Rock Band,' and then one day, my mom bought me a real guitar."

Oh, I hope that isn't true. Any band that rises out of a mutual interest in this karaoke video game will suck. Can you imagine? It really makes me kind of nauseous. I don't think it will actually happen. How many city planners chose their career path based on a love for Sim City? I hope none. Did anyone become an Italian plumber because of Super Mario 2. Although, I actually do know some people who became international spies after playing James Bond Goldeneye 007.

On a side note, these guys look like they can really rock...


dan said...

I'm going to have to respectfully disagree with you on this.

I think these "karaoke" style games are fun for people who are into music, but don't know how to play real instruments.

It's like saying that playing Madden is stupid because you should be playing real football outside. Or, instead of playing Wii bowling, you should be bowling for real.

plastic said...

No, thats true. Its ok that people play them. I never actually have, though I have seen it being played, to me I know I would get bored with it. But my main point is that people who play these type of games are not going to all of a sudden become great musiians or Rock Bands. Or at least, if they do they will definitely suck.

I also have a little problem with bands I like or have been influencial in my life allowing their songs to be in these games but I would do it too.

Anonymous said...

hey that's like hatin' on john madden for that footballs game.
you like video games, you like nirvana, why not have them both!
if i like ice cream and i like sprinkles, i don't hate on sprinkles for selling out if i catch my pal licking a single scoop with both.
the real issue here is whether these video-game playing "bands" and "footballs teams" should advance to real rock groups and professional sports stars.
i say yes.
and if the guy who invented the hail mary wants to cash in on his invention and put it in a playstation or an atari, don't cry over spilt milk.
inventors need to make a living, you know.
so i can play a solo over 'even in his youth' even if there never was one, or it wasn't loud enough.