Greenpeace Calls Out Nintendo

Greenpeace released a report ranking certain electronics vendors according to the environmental impact of their products. Nintendo received the lowest grade due Nintendo's failure to establish a recycling program for older consoles and for not revealing what chemicals are used to make the Nintendo Wii. Nintendo should fix this problem quickly, and an easy fix it should be. Setting up a recycling program for the many generations of consoles the company has put out is a no-brainer. Dell, among many other companies already do this. The process Dell employs is a breeze to the consumer/recycler. You simply enter the type of machine you want to recycle on a designated web site, print out an air bill, tape it to the package, set up a pick up time with a delivery service (in Dell's case DHL), and they pick it up from your home. The only charge the consumer may pay is to purchase a box for shipping.

Hopefully, Nintendo will react to the Greenpeace report, I don't need to feel any more guilt about playing video games.