Jena 6: White Backlash?

I have set up my Gmail account to send me "Google Alerts" (for those who don't know you can give Google a topic or name and it will send you all blog and news stories on the topic as often as you want them) on a variety of different topics. One of them is the Jena 6. While the major news outlets have slowed in their coverage of Jena blogs and small town opinion pages continue to buzz about the case.

Each day I receive links to approximately 10 blog posts and 5 "news" stories (usually from a newspaper's opinion page) concerning the Jena 6. Most are rehashings of the story with individualized commentary echoing outrage. However, I have started to notice an increase in the number of items decrying the reaction to the support for the Jena 6. Some examples can be found here, here, and here.

These articles/posts' major "problems" with the outcry tend to be that a group of black students "jumped" one white student, that there is no evidence that the noose hanging incident had anything to do with the 6 on 1 beating, and that Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson were involved in the protest. The authors of such pieces are not necessarily racist but are definitely misguided. Instead of focusing on what is clearly a series of racially charged events in Jena before and after the 6 on 1 attack they choose to focus on simple polemic issues that tend to inflame a certain type of disaffected.

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