Single Mother Must Pay Greedy Corporations $222K

A single mother of two from Minnesota must pay $222K to six lame record companies for her use of Kazaa. The deal breaks down to $9,250 each for 24 songs. The dirt bag record companies are Sony, Arista, Interscope, UMG, Capitol, and Warner Brothers. I am not really sure what this accomplishes other than providing the record companies with the extra funds for a nice little end of the week party catered with a wide variety of sandwiches and wraps, some canned sodas, pasta salad, brownies, powdered cookies, and a nice big cake! Hopefully, the record companies will invite their starving artists down to get a plate full of goodies.

All single mothers beware! Stop all your downloading! No more Bon Jovi and Gwen Stefani!

UPDATE: Here is a link to an article from CNET explaining how and why the RIAA won the $222K judgement.

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