Poppies Will Make Her Sleep

So I keep getting insomnia, but aside from that, things are a looking up. I am not as down in the dumps of late, and I am getting excited about the coming change in weather.

I was reading about poppies in Afghanistan this morning, and how the U.S. government is trying to convince the Afghan government to air spray all of the poppy fields with pesticides. The problem is that usually farmers grow their food crops right in with their poppies, so you can imagine how troublesome that might be.

“There has always been a need to balance the obvious greater effectiveness of spray against the potential for losing hearts and minds,” Thomas A. Schweich, the assistant Secretary of State for international narcotics issues, said in an interview last week in Washington. “The question is whether that’s manageable." Yuck.

I found this picture of a poppy oozing heroine sap, and it reminded me of my beets.

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