University of Florida President Responds to Taser Incident

Yesterday, University of Florida President Bernie Machen released a statement regarding the abuse of power at his University witnessed by millions thanks to a few amateur videographers. The most useful portion of his statement is pasted below,

  • We plan to assemble a panel of faculty and students to review our police protocols, our management practices and the FDLE report to come up with a series of recommendations for the university.
  • Administrators and police officials plan to analyze the incident and conduct an internal review and will consider changing protocols in response to this incident, if necessary.
  • Finally, as is standard procedure, the State Attorney's Office will review the charges brought against Mr. Meyer. We have communicated with the State Attorney and understand he plans to expedite his review.

Hopefully, some good will come out of this. The rest of the statement can be found at ufl.edu. Thanks to America for passing the Prez's statement along. Sorry, America, I am not hiring investigative journalists at t his time. That being said, your voluntary work is always appreciated as is the work of any and all others who wish to donate their time by sending me intersting links and videos, stories, etc. Blogging can be hard.

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"Blogging can be hard"
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