Jena 6: Mychal Bell Still in Jail

Despite having his conviction overturned last week by an appeals court in Lousiana, Mychal Bell, now guilty of nothing, still sits in jail. Bell's lawyers said yesterday that the judge and DA who were supposed to appear at yesterdays bail hearing did not show up for court. You see, the DA still has the option of charging Bell in Juvenile court. Until all charges are formally dropped Bell can only be released through the process of the bail hearing or the removal of the requirement of bail in his case. The DA has two weeks to make this decide what to do. I suspect he will be released before the planned protest this week.

The District Attorney's office said the DA had no appearance scheduled on his calendar. While this may all just be a mix up the whole history of this case makes me wonder how it is a DA and a Defense Attorney could get the dates mixed up in this very high profile case.

The beat goes on. Protests are still scheduled in Jena for Thursday September 20th. The town of about 3,000 will likely face a protest with more than three times the town's entire population and I bet it will be hot down there.

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