The New Coney Island

Tomorrow is to be the last day of the Astroland park in Coney Island. For those who haven't been it is like the Florida State Fair or any other county size fair midway on crack. There is a demonstration tomorrow to protest the parks closing. The area now occupied by the park is to be a new more modern amusement park as well as other attractions and hotels. The result will likely be an economic boom for the area but sad for those who got to see Astroland the way it is (soon to be was), have a nasty churro or chicken-on-a-stick and watch and wonder why anyone would ever go on a ride that goes back and forth, up and down until everyone on the ride either pukes or pukes in their mouth to hide their sickness.

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There is actually a very romantic ferris wheel that moves relatively slowly, located in the center of the park. although it does have "puke" cars, which slide back and forth, there is an outer-ring of cars that are stationary, providing the riders opportunity to makeout and take wonderful pictures.
coney island vendors offer a vegetarian alternative to the stuck chicken, which i unanimously prefer - the mango-on-a-stick.
everyone i know will miss something! no one i know will be moving into thor's condos.