Blog Hack Congrats!

Okay, so it's not really a hack because I am (was? have been? will be?) a lawful contributor to Plasticblog, but since fellow contributors Nick and Jessie got engaged, I thought I'd post my congrats and a little photo tribute / retrospective of my relationship with this dynamic duo.

So this is when we went to the Rays-Mets game over the summer. I remember being so psyched about the Rays' win, except that Jessie had to leave early for band practice. Nick was so sad about it that he didn't speak to me the whole way back to Brooklyn. Citifield is in Queens, people!

This one is from a Halloween shindig. Jessie was really attracted to me in my Bob Dylan get up.

Nick was so distraught he chained himself to her and started eating yarn.

Of course, I knew even before that about Jessie's crush on me. Nick was just waiting for whatever snack someone would throw his way.


One time we even went to the dog park together. I had proof that Jack loved me too but I can't find that photo. But I'm the "friend" in this old blog post, I swear.

I think they make just about the most attractive couple I know. Cheers to you, Nick and Jessie!

Love, AJ


Jessie Shaffer said...

Thanks America-I think we should definitely pass out this story as a handout/in class assignment at the wedding. Some questions might be: When will Jack publicly declare his love for America? What will become of Jessie and America's dalliance? What digestive repercussions will Nick face after his ingestion of handfuls of yarn?

Weinkle said...

I too am quite pleased by this story.
And I worry, if America is invited to the festivities, will the cake be made of merino?

Congratulations folks.