From the Slope: The Dog Park

This is the first in a series of photos and stories from in and about Park Slope, the neighborhood we inhabit. It's a photoblog within a blog. It won't be that boring...

Yesterday we went to the dog park with a friend. Many people sat on the ground despite the clear high levels of dog urine saturating the very green grass. The majority of the dogs on this and every other day were small and expensive. There were a handful of mutts who may have been saved or rescued at some point.

I am normally pro dog-rescue and find it a little strange that prospective dog owners spend a lot of money on an expensive dog when one in danger of being put to sleep can be attained for free. Also, given that the level of inbreeding among the mutts/mixed/America breed (this is really what mutts are sometimes called!) you would think they would be less likely candidates for weird genetic diseases.

Yesterday, however, at the dog park, a mutt pissed on my dog. As they were smelling each other the big mutt raised his leg and pissed a good 3-5 tablespoons onto my mutts back right shank. The big nasty mutt's owner seemed apologetic although she did laugh about it to whoever she was talking to on her cell phone. She said her dog has only done it a few times in his life. My dog was then followed around the park by a pack of dogs sniffing and smelling, waiting for a good opportunity to mark him as their territory.

Now, my mutt does do some gross things. He eats cat litter, rolls in other dog's piss, gets way too friendly with the cat, and well, actually...

...he has pissed on people before.

Never mind. That's worse.

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America said...

Your friend that went with you to the dog park sounds pretty awesome.