Kids Sent to Jail for Money

A pretty vile story out of PA. It's been making the media rounds recently so you may have heard about it. Basically, two judges were receiving money in return for placing juvenile offenders in jail. The judges were being bribed by two group who ran the private juvenile prisons where the kids ended up.

Some of the kids were sent to these facilities for fairly minor offenses, like stealing loose change or fist time drug paraphernalia offenses. Even more absurd is that many of the children appeared before these corrupt judges without any legal counsel.

Both former judges will spend about 7 years in prison. Here they are, the a-holes:

How many kids lives have been damaged by this? Why do people trust the Criminal Justice System again?

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Anica said...

Here is what I don't get: aside from being totally revolting, why trade a 'respectable' position that you've worked hard for in exchange for some money to do something so slimey? How does someone approach say I will give you x dollars and you lock kids up and you think "I really wanted that new patio, sounds good." uhhh, disgusting.