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Anonymous said...

I'm interested in discussing this:
If/When Mary is legalized, everyone and their sister will be growing their own. That's where a big difference between pot and alcohol lies... the ability for consumers to produce their own product, MUCH easier than brewing your own alcoholic beverages.
It will also be easier for people to grow their own and sell. Even if it's on a small scale, who wouldn't?
I don't think the market for legalized marijuana will be as huge as people think as a result of this---unless you get imported special varieties, like artisinal alcohols.It's a weed, and on a household scale, fairly easy to produce, since almost every product also comes with its own do-it-yourself starter kit of seeds. You can't really regulate the distribution of seeds...unless they genetically alter plants to produce no seeds.
oh boy, what a world it will be.
just trying to fathom what crazy twists and turns this story could have makes my head spin.
can't wait.

Anonymous said...

light one up, doug!

Daniel said...

It's not like everyone grows their own tobacco. People will pay for convenience.