George Bush Countdown: 9 Days

Nine days to go in the countdown, ten issues we'll remember about W.

#9: The 2000 and 2004 elections and disenfranchisement.

The 2000 election will be remembered for sometime not only as the election of one of the worst Presidents of all time but one that seems to have been stolen. The conservative leaning Supreme Court declared an end to the recount in Florida that seemed to be heading toward a win in the state (and thus nationally) for Al Gore. There were a number of irregularities that if noticed, or fixed, would have resulted in an Al Gore victory. To just name a few, the confusing butterfly ballot in South Florida resulting in many intended votes for Gore going to conservative Pat Buchanan, many African Americans and other Democrat leaning voters being purged from the voting rolls because their names matched or were close to those of felons who are not allowed to vote in the state, and the extreme conflict of interest in the roles of Governor Jeb BUSH and Secretary of State Katherine Harris.

2004 gets less pub but there were serious issues in Ohio, specifically incredibly long wait times in certain districts of the state with high concentrations of African-Americans and the purging of many likely Kerry voters in the state.

This doesn't even touch on the dirty campaign tactics of the Bush campaigns. In 2000 the campaign was linked to accusations that John McCain fathered an illegitimate black child and in 2004 Senator John Kerry, a decorated Vietnam War veteran was painted as a traitor.

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