Who Wants Peace in the Middle East?

The answer is, "no one who matters".

An Israeli patrol boat repeatedly rammed a boat en route to Gaza packed full of relief supplies and medical volunteers damaging the boat. The boat was not able to make it to Gaza and was instead forced to divert to Lebanon. The Israeli ship accused the relief boat of engaging in terrorism. Interesting definition of terrorism.

CNN is reporting on the rather dire medical situation in Gaza right now: no shelters! no medical supplies! Wold have been nice if this boat and its supplies cold have made it through.

Israeli officials claim the boat was not intentionally rammed. According to those on the boat, including a CNN correspondent, it did appear as thought the Israeli Navy ship purposely rammed the relief boat.


Weinkle said...

CNN is pro-Palestine. Of course Gaza could use relief, but if the boat drops off those supplies, it becomes involved in the belligerence, ergo terrorism.

If the security of the residents of Gaza is paramount, then Hamas should consider ending the rocket fire, which incited Israeli retaliation, causing this splendid little war.

But it seems, given the Hamas "broadcast from a secret location, promising that 'victory is at hand' and saying the many deaths there would haunt Bush," that the safety of the Palestinians isn't the key issue.

It is, however, a key issue for CNN and NPR.

Jessie said...
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plastic said...

ah ha...the debate continues. I agree CNN seems to be pro-Palestine, though that definitely has not always been the case.

I disagree that providing supplies means they become involved in the belligerence and therefore the terrorism. Terrorism involves violence or the threat of. Providing relief is not violence or the threat of violence. The lack of doctors and basic medical supplies in Gaza is a big problem.

Israel's use of white phosphorous and cluster bombs is also a problem. They are completely unnecessary and clearly result in additional civilian casualties.

Of course the rocket attacks are also a major problem and should stop. But look at the casualty count its not close. And..this has been going on forever with no end in site (the overall conflict I mean) will Israels actions now really solve anything? Maybe. I'm no military strategist but these large scale attacks dont seem to do much but keep the Palestinian civilians in an awful situation, add to the hatred of Israel in the Middle East, and result in an increased support for Hamas (just like a couple of years ago with Hezbollah.)

Also, the timing of all of this is suspicious to me. These rocket attacks have been going on for a very long time. Israel is coming up on elections and the current more moderate party in charge risks losing out to the more conservative party. Also, starting, and perhaps (hopefully) completing, this offensive against Hamas before the disengaged Bush administration leaves office probably played some role as well.

Its a tough situation, I definitely see both sides of the debate, though I clearly fall on one side.

But, its ok, Obama will save us all.

Weinkle said...

I hope so. I mean, Hope is why I voted for him.

I definitely have problems with the Israeli political system and its tendency to put the needs of Ashkenazic Jews (i.e. Western-European) before those of the Sephardim (Iberian) or even Mizrahim (historically Semetic), especially when it comes time to join the army.

It's definitely a messy battle, and it's true, the damage from rocket fire does not match the Israeli response in the strip. It's sick how innocent children and families are wounded and ripped apart because of the Israeli attacks, but in the midst of it all, I have to wonder if Hamas views the casualties as necessary.

plastic said...

"...tendency to put the needs of Ashkenazic Jews (i.e. Western-European) before those of the Sephardim (Iberian) or even Mizrahim (historically Semetic), especially when it comes time to join the army."

this is interesting and something i dont know much about

and i think you are probably right about Hamas vis-a-vis the civilian casualties.