It's been about 4 years since I last had food from McDonalds. Things have really changed.

Check out 2:49-2:59 in the video.

Happy Weekend


Anonymous said...

After I finished watching this video, I took a shit in my hands. I smeared my shit all over the walls of my apartment and then I put warpaint on my face and burned the flat down. I then proceeded to the street, busted a car window out with my guitar, hot-wired it and drove myself to prospect park where I found a bear, slit it's throat with a long chef's knife, and sodomized it. I skinned the bear and made a cloak out of it and I took the 2 to Atlantic, took the A to Jay street, ran to Brooklyn Bridge park and dove into a trash can head first, where I cried myself to sleep.
When I awoke I found myself with two police officers, to whom I could only manage to say "Ohhhh" and "Hoohhhhh" in varying degrees of solemnity.

愛莎Cherry said...

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