Any Great Women Artists Out There?

For Fem-loving art aficionados, this article is old news. However, I thought it was worth posting for those who missed it last month. There is no dearth of internet art media coverage of the fact that women artists are still selling work for far less than their male counterparts, but most articles don't include such idiotic attention-seeking opinions as those of so-called art critic Brian Sewell. His comment about women artists not achieving greatness possibly because of having children would inspire outrage if he weren't such a pathetic excuse for a critic in the first place. His virulently misogynistic and homophobic comments have to simply be a publicity ploy, don't they?


Jessie Shaffer said...

Hands down!

Virgil Disgr4ce said...

They don't have to be a publicity ploy, and they're probably not. It's more likely he's simply a misogynistic idiot who gets too much attention from other misogynistic idiots, and keeps writing thanks to the positive reinforcement of his prejudiced audience. As always, I recommend violent upheaval. Let's start a program to arm female artists with assault rifles.