Online Petition for 475 Kent

An online petition has been created by the residents of previously evicted 475 Kent in Williamsburg. The petition is addressed to Mayor Bloomberg and is available right here. As of right now it has just under 1500 signatures.

The petition closes with this plea,

"In the spirit of the cultural tradition that has long prevailed in this great city, I urge you to do everything you can to help those who work and live at 475 Kent Avenue to return to their studios immediately and to foster our common creative capital." [via Gowanuslounge]




katchyna said...

Is it weird that the petition doesn't ask for your address? Why would Bloomberg care if people from, say, Idaho or Bangaldesh oppose the eviction of these tenants? How is this petition useful if the people aren't verified NYC residents?

plastic said...

unlike a petition to get something on some ballot. i think petitions like this are mostly just to create media attention, or in this case extend media attention.