Hello Florida! Please Teach Us About Life

The Florida Department of Education will be voting soon on a science curriculum that teaches evolution in schools. Nine of Florida's counties, Baker, Clay, Hamilton, Holmes, Jackson, Madison, St. Johns, Taylor and Washington have lodged formal complaints against the proposed curriculum claiming that the theologically based story of creationism should be taught along with the scientifically based theory of evolution. For those of you not familiar with Florida, those are the exact counties you would expect to have a problem with science.

Anyway, Florida has 64 counties, one would think the protests 9 of the more sparsely populated wouldn't have much of an effect on the school board. But, two of the board members have spoken out against evolution in the past. That's right, two of the people of the state of Florida education board may not believe in evolution!

On a related not I hear a number of other counties will soon be teaching that wine does not come from grapes but rather magic water, people can live for hundreds of years, incest does not result in serious genetic mutations in offspring, and you can easily live inside a whale, for a while at least.



I could do it. I'd place a big line of chalk down the board.
if i am teaching kids about THEORIES, i'd show them the reasons why these theories are accepted, and i'd list the support.
on one side, you have centuries of history, archeology, geology, biology, mathematics, genetics, oh, well, i can't list all those here, i don't have enough room.
but on the other side, i'd have "a book written by humans thousands of years ago, before the dawn of any of these sciences," because that's all faith has - an old outdated book of stories.
FUCK you, Florida.

not MY kids! said...

I'm all about having a Mythology or Religion class available for those who wish to study it, but to imposed irrationally-based tomfoolery on our children in a class deicated to Science is just plain ignorant.
EVEN IF the going theory of evolution is eventually proven WRONG, it is a theory based upon and supported by methods of SCIENCE and should therefore be allowed to stand amongst it's legitimate peers in a classroom of science.
Creation Theory as an academic discipline has no place next to the Theory of Evolution.

Hungry Mind said...

i asked my Pastor what he thought about this issue and he said "Look all around you... the 'scientific proof' you seek is evident in God's glory, which surrounds us all..." to which my Science teacher replied "look all around YOU! EvoLUtion's glory surrounds you!"
Now my Pastor has to stick his head in a bucket of Dijonaise everytime my Science teacher sees him and says "OPA!!!"

Isä said...

I had to read that first paragraph a couple of times. I have some family in Madison county and I can't believe that these are the counties standing up against this. By the way, starting a new blog, Suomi Dad. Haven't gotten too far with it, but once I get all my neglected school work in order will begin to chronicle the process of being a dad here in Finland.