Clinton Union Fails in Effort to Ban Casino Caucuses

This is a very unsexy story. It's difficult to come up with a catchy bloggy title for the post. But, it is an important story, to me. As I posted about earlier, a basically pro-Clinton teachers union in Nevada had sought to block caucuses located on the Las Vegas Strip, in large resort casinos saying arguing that these caucuses would wield too much power. The Culinary Union argued that these caucus locations would allow many union members to actually get a chance to vote in the upcoming Nevada caucuses. The Nevada caucuses takes place in a short window of time and those employees who were working during the scheduled caucus hours would likely be unable to vote.

The effort by the Clinton backed union seemed to be a way to prevent many Culinary Union members from participating in the caucuses. Oh, and the Culinary Union endorsed Barack Obama. Today a court ruled against the teachers union thus preventing the disenfranchisement of many voters.

Nice try.

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