"Pro-Clinton Union" Works to Hinder Nevada Voters

A Nevada teachers union, backed by Hillary Clinton's campaign, has filed suit to prevent Nevada caucus locations along the Las Vegas strip, a move that could prevent many Culinary Worker's Union members from being able to vote in the state's caucus. The Culinary Union recently endorsed Barack Obama. Because the caucus' take place during a small window of time, just a couple of hours, many workers who are working during the caucusing could be prevented from having their voices heard if the teachers union successfully blocks the caucus locations in some of the large resort casinos.

The teachers union, the Nevada State Education Association, has not made an endorsement. However, many of the union's higher ups are publicly pro-Clinton. According to a New York Times article, the teachers union argues that the,

"...decision, decided late last year, to create at-large precincts inside nine Las Vegas resorts on caucus day violates the state’s election laws and creates a system in which voters at the at-large precincts can elect more delegates than voters at other precincts."

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