What Has Happened?

I was in a large electronics chain a few days ago in midtown to buy electronic material when I heard an unsettling sound. A man was straining to sing In Bloom by Nirvana and was unfortunately moderately amplified. There was backing music that sounded rather cheesy. I looked over and saw a group of youngish men congregated and staring at a large television. Turns out In Bloom made it into the latest Guitar Hero game and a couple of dudes were "performing" the song.


At first I was angry. I flashed back to the ages of 16-17-18 when something like this would have infuriated me for days. Then I was sad that somehow this song made its way into a video game and will now be heard for the first time by thousands of kids sitting around their houses after school with dirty plates and glasses stacked around them while focusing on pressing the right buttons at the right time. It's unfortunate that whoever has control of these songs let them devolve from what they once were to silly cartoonish bullshit.

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Anonymous said...

i hate guitar hero