Anti-War Protestors Block Military Shipments

Here's a story that didn't get too much media play. The story is actually a couple days old but worth it anyway.

A few days ago a group of anti-war protesters in Olympia, Washington attempted to stop military shipments going so far as to pour cement on the railroad tracks used to carry the materials. Over 40 protesters were arrested. A spokesman for the Olympia Port Militarization Resistance (PMR) said,
"The soldiers have made it home, and we're really glad about that. This is about the military equipment. As long as the government refuses to listen to the will of the vast majority of people who want an end to this war, it's not safe to allow the military to have its hands on this equipment because it will continue to support the war in Iraq."

The umbrella group to the PMR is the Olympia Movement for Peace and Justice.

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