Bush Was Warned About Inadequate Firefighting Plan

It seems that the Bush administration failed to heed warnings pointing out problems with federal plans to fight wildfires. This isn't the first time this administration has failed to listen to the very people tasked with the responsbility of informing government officials of potential problems with their actions/inactions. There was the anti-terror memo titled "Bin Laden Determined to Attack Inside the United States", the warning that the levees could break in New Orleans ahead of Hurricane Katrina, and the many warnings from many ignored people about the potential problems an occupation of Iraq would bring.

This time the result is the burning to the ground of thousands of homes, businesses, and countless trees. The California wildfires were, up until yesterday, completely out of control. Part of the reason may be poor firefighting planning and the administrations failure to rectify these known problems.

The Government Accountability office produced a report earlier this year pointing out problems in the administration's plans to combat wildfire season. Remember, this happens every year now, in multiple places usually, so, it's no surprise these fires are happening, even though these appear to have been set by arsonists.

What can you really say about this except to point out that the administration continues to appear completely incompetent?

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