Jena 6: The Presidential Candidates

I was wondering what the Presidential candidates, Republican and Democrat had to say about the situation in Jena. Here's what I could find.

Republican candidate Senator Fred Thompson said he didn't know anything about it which was spun buy his people as he wasn't familiar with the term Jena 6. Right.

Democrat Hillary Clinton called into Rev. Al Sharpton's radio show and described the issue as a teachable one for America and said that this kind of injustice cannot be allowed to happen in America.

Senator Obama who was criticized by Jesse Jackson, has compared the plight of the Jena 6 to that of Rosa Parks.

Senator Edwards has called Jena an important measuring point in the fight against racism.

I couldn't find anything from Rudy Giuliani via google or on his campaign site. He did speak to the NRA last week though. Guns!

Same deal for Gov. Mitt Romney, nothing on google, nothing on his site. I even looked at the stupid 5 Brothers blog (the 5 brothers are his 5 sons who are brothers, hence 5 brothers). That blog doesn't mention Jena either but it does chronicle Romney's meals and the Winter Olympics.

Not much from Sen. John McCain, I mean nothing actually.

Well those are the major candidates. Why is it so hard to find statements from the Republicans? I guess the candidates are playing more to the base of their parties leading up to the primaries. The Republican candidates must believe Jena is not important to the rank and file Republicans.

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How interesting. Hey, Iran's president is here today, got tickets? how 'bout the front page of the daily news on friday?