Jena 6: Mayor Appreciates Neo-Nazi's Efforts

Check out this quote from a Chicago Tribune article, McMillan is Murphy McMillan, Jena's mayor.

McMillin has insisted that his town is being unfairly portrayed as racist—an assertion the mayor repeated in an interview with Richard Barrett, the leader of the Nationalist Movement, a white supremacist group based in Learned, Miss., who asked McMillin to "set aside some place for those opposing the colored folks."

"I am not endorsing any demonstrations, but I do appreciate what you are trying to do," Barrett quoted McMillin as saying. "Your moral support means a lot."

This explains alot about what's been going on in Jena.

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i remember attending a protest in New Jersey on the 4th of July years ago.
demonstrators assembled against a planned public address by Richard Barret.
He was attacked by a man on stage with him. I don't remember seeing anyone who supported him in the crowd.