Cop Busts McDonalds's Employee

In what sounds like a case of a big headed cop in a bad mood, a story out of Union City, GA says a lot about the problem with police officers around the country. A cop who ate a burger purchased from McDonald's returned to the restaurant after consuming the burger and complained that the sandwich made him sick.

You see a McDonald's worker had spilled salt onto some burger "meat" and, apparently, some of the salty "meat" got into the officers burger. The employee admitted what happen and said she tried to get the salt off before turning the "meat" into burgers. Also, the employee herself said she ate a salty burger and did not get sick.

The officer proceeded to ARREST!!! the worker, who ended up spending a night in jail and was released on $1,000 bail. While you may be thinking that the employee intentionally tainted the cops burger or intentionally gave him the tainted meat the employee didn't work the drive through and you know that crap isn't made to order. It is likely the employee had no idea who was getting the "meat".

This case reminds me of a story from Dayton, Ohio a few years back. The video made it to some stupid cop show so the audio commentary is kind of dumb but the video is pretty stark. The cop in this video falsely accuses the cashier at a Wendy's drive through of ripping him off and ends with the cop macing the understandably angry and defiant girl. Cops can be real pricks and it is a problem. This type of behavior from police breeds distrust of authority in virtually every community.

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