Police Try to Start Riot

The presence of police "undercover" as protesters has long been reported. Generally, the police will place some of their own in the protest, alongside those perceived to be aggressive like the black bloc in order to give the riot police excuse to move in and push back the legitimate protesters. In this video, shot during Bush's recent trip to Canada,Union leader confronts three "protesters" who are clearly trying to start a violent disturbance. One man pushes the Union leader and carries a rock in his hand.

You see how everyone quickly realizes the three "protesters" are in fact "provacateurs". You see them cross the police line after their covers are blown where they are promptly arrested and carried away for show. Before they make their move cross the line you can see they are unsure what to do now that they are exposed as they simply stand around for a minute or so trying to stop people from pulling off their masks. The video does not definitively prove these men were "provacateurs" but if you watch you can just tell they are. At the end of the clip you see the Union leader explaining to reporters that the men were police and were trying to incite a riot.



America said...

i watched that video and maybe it's just me, but nothing looks real about it. is it blair witch riot or something?

Anonymous said...

now the canadian cops even admited that these men were undercover cops and in the video you can see that they were trying to start a riot. Here is a link to the article: