Yoga and Your Lower Back

Upon reading a free yoga mag called New York Yoga the other day, I came across an article about how hamstring flexibility(or rather, lack thereof) directly correlates with lower back pain.

"Even though we think of the hamstrings as being on the thigh they are always tugging on the lower hips at the sitting bones. Therefore, when they become tight(or short) the hamstrings can actually pull our sit-bones down toward our knees, causing us to lose the natural curve we are born with in our lower back. When this happens, our lower back flattens slightly and the lower back muscles of that area become slack rather than strong as they are meant for good postural support. Moreover, the ligaments between our vertebrae are prone to being overstretched, possibly causing a bulging or herniated disk."

Luckily, many yoga postures, or asanas, focus on or involve stretching out the hamstrings. A standing forward bend can be a very relaxing asana, that at the same time engages your hamstrings. Try it every morning for a week, and see if you notice any difference in your lower back.

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