Stop Drilling Baby Stop Drilling, Seriously

This is where the oil slick from that sunken oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico is right now, right off the coast of Louisiana. Yes, those are two (TWO!) Wildlife Refuges nearby.

If this was headed to St. Pete Beach or somewhere nearby, I'd fly off the handle.


The Idiot Fan said...

i'm convinced that nothing will stop drilling. A giant fucking oil spill that's destroyed the beaches of a few states and has killed a couple of industries in the Gulf has done nothing to get Washington to take up an energy bill or tackle climate change in any meaningful way. It's sad to say, but I think things are pretty hopeless on that front.

Double Glazing said...

People should really have a heart and start seeing what is happening to our environment with everything that they do.

Adam Withrow said...

We really need to get it through to whoever it is that needs it to get it through their head that the fossil fuel age is coming to a close. There are probably only a few people who are in very influential positions that actually need to change their minds in order for the politics/media stage show to change its tune, and all the people who are influenced by that trash will switch ideological directions without realizing it.

"We have always been at war with Eastasia."

Instead of making a larger mess and dumping more crap in the oceans, we should be trawling them for plastic.