Pope: Condoms Are Really, Really Bad

The Pope spoke out against condoms the other day, which isn't really anything new. The problem is that he said that the use of condoms won't solve the AIDS epidemic in Africa (while he was in Africa mind you) in fact condoms, yes, condoms, will actually worsen the situation. How might that happen? Something to do with God's silly wrath and the sin of birth control or something?

I think the Pope should stick to talking about things we can actually trust his opinion about, like what robe, or scepter, or crown he likes, or what hymn to sing or whatever holy pinkie-ring he wants you to kiss. As far as I can tell that kind of stuff doesn't end up with babies being born with deadly diseases.


bethany said...

i'm confused...does he always wear that ladies hat?

plastic said...

only when he's talkin bout rubbers

katchyna said...

i'm impressed that you found photo evidence that the pope has herpes! bravo!
he's an asshat.

Weinkle said...

that asshat is wearing a hat that reminds me of little boys in rockwell paintings playing "cowboys and indians," and given his stance on birth control, it seems appropriate.