Cop Who Harrassed NFL Player May Be Obnoxious Jerk

The police officer who detained NFL player Ryan Moats and his wife while they tried to visit Moat's dieing mother in law seems to be way too into his relatively powerful position as a police officer.

By the way, in case you're not up on the Moats story: Moats rolled through a red light to get to the bed of his mother in law who was, at that moment, dieing of cancer. In the hospital parking lot the officer detained Moats despite being made aware of the impending death of Moat's mother in law. He has since apologized and Moats has accepted.

Back to the officer, Robert Powell, that is his tattoo you see, a tattoo of a police shield on his arm. Nice. Also, he had two social network pages that demonstrate his love for his abuse of power. (his Myspace page has been deleted) An excerpt from his xanga site:

I did have to fight a lady a little yesturday, lucky for her she didnt start until after the cuffs were on, cause then she would have more than just a little pain around the rists. But it was hard because her 7 year old daughter was near by and had to watch, and we didnt like that at all...I like to drive fast. I also got to work my first accident. One was a Mustang, and the other a Kia Rio. The girl in the Kia was cute, but a bit young. I even got to hold traffic back in the car as I got in position to start working. Thats about all, I should study the blue book so I can impress the trainer.
At least he apologized, I guess.

via deadspin