Radio Lab is Best

I do a fair amount of radio and podcast listening thanks to my day job. I have to say one of the best programs out there is Radio Lab. In fact, Radio Lab is one of the best programs I have ever heard in any media. Seriously, if you haven't heard it do your self a favor and check it out. It is a "science" show produced by WNYC, NYC's local public radio station. I say its a science show but its definitely made for non-scientists.

Here is a link to the show web page. There have been a few seasons of radio shows (a season is about 6 episodes) and all can be downloaded from the website or perhaps easier as a podcast on iTunes.

The editing of the show, the content, and the use of sound is amazing. Excellent, excellent stuff. Seriously, go listen to it!


Weinkle said...

Dude. Radio Lab is my salvation as I drive home from work on Sunday night. They do it to me in my ear hole.


I'm getting in to this.