George Bush Countdown: 7 Days

#7 in the countdown of things we'll remember about George Bush...the Federal Court System.

This may be the longest lasting legacy of the Bush Presidency. He has appointed a slew of conservative justices all throughout the Judicial branch. He was also able to appoint two Justices to the Supreme Court. While Justices of the Supreme Court do, sometimes, change their point of view over time, Justices Alito and Chief Justice Roberts seem to be two pretty strong conservatives and they're young so they'll be around for while. It's one last little F.U. that will out last a lot of people's memories of the President himself.

Oh, and Bush tried to appoint the woefully unqualified Harriet Miers to the Court, you know Miers, the White House Counsel and good friend to the President. No one was falling for that one, luckily.

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