George Bush Countdown: 1 Day

No surprise here as the countdown ends:


George Bush will be most remembered for starting the war in Iraq behind lies and misinformation. Some have said he was interested in going to war with Iraq prior to September 11th. Some say as soon as 9/11 happened he wanted Iraq to be behind it. No WMDs were ever found. He was wrong when he landed on an aircraft carrier and claimed the mission was accomplished. The war distracted attention away from the search for Osama bin Laden. Thousands (and counting) of Americans lost their lives. Many more coalition forces from other nations lost theirs. Countless Iraqi citizens died (and are dieing) as well. Billions upon billions of dollars were spent on the war and now we are in a financial crisis. Gas prices rose and fell like a roller coaster.

Prior to the start of the war protests filled the streets of many cities of the world. I went to one in my small college town in Florida. In the United States the majority seemed to be in support of the war. Yet some, ah hem, hello there, never thought any weapons would be found and if they were they would be fabricated (at least they didn't stoop that far).

So, with that the countdown ends. Tomorrow is a new day.

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